Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hello everyone!
The weekend is nearly here and for me this means that I'll catch a train tomorrow morning to take part in another wedding. This time it's my aunt who is getting married at a lovely moated castle.

I'm listening to Imagine from John Lennon right now and questioning myself about what to wear, about what the bride will wear, about how the wedding is going to be and why people get married.
Today I read an article saying that marriage is becoming old school and that people don't feel the need to marry anymore. Isn't it sad that something like a marriage is becoming unfashionable? How can it? Only because sharing your life with someone else isn't easy or because people don't believe in true love anymore? And if so, is there such thing as true love? Can true love last forever or do you have a shot at true love in every stage of your life?
Well. Maybe some of you will be lucky enough to find it, to keep it or to marry it!
Right now I'm happy with my boyfriend and feeling love and being loved is one of the biggest gifts we can get from life.

Enough of my philosophical thoughts and questions, here are a few snap shots from the packing.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
xx Sophia


  1. Have fun at the wedding Sofia... and you are right, there's no better feeling in this world than that of being loved.


  2. is that a necklace right at the beginning? I think, Im in love... ;)

    Love & Peace, Betty ♥

  3. beautifull! i love this nackle!



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