Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Statement time!

Hello everyone!
As you all might have noticed I am a huge fan of statement jewelry.
Necklaces are, at least for me, a key essential to a glamorous look and as the name says it an interesting statement. After a rather long day at university I started a little hunt for a birthday present for my sister. Bijou Brigitte was my first stop.
Even if the quality of their jewelry isn't the best and you kind of have to dig to find something I was able to find at least ten breathtaking necklaces. Sadly I didn't buy any of the necklace but I got so 'inspired' that I had to share a few of my favourites that were found on the lovely world wide web.
What is your essential when it comes to jewelry? Are you more of an arm-party kind of type or less is more?
 Let me know!!
xx Fiafafia
P.S.: I didn't end up buying a necklace, neither for my sister nor for me but I might go back and treat myself. Haha! Lets see how well that goes...

Statement fun
1.Zara 2.Asos 3.Zara 4.Asos 5.Topshop 6.Zara 7.Zara 8.Topshop


  1. Nummer 6 habe ich heute live bei Zara gesichtet - ein wirklich schönes Stück! ;)

  2. Love all the necklaces. My favorite is the 7th one. ♥


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