Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for my absence but after going to the zoo on Monday I got really sick! I've been in bed since then and my throat hurts sooo badly. Breathing and swallowing is very painful and only yesterday the question popped up if I should go to Florida. But with antibiotics and a lot of sleep things are getting better.
As my laptop is coming over there with me I might be able to upload a few pictures..
Have a lovely Easter everyone!!!!
xx Fiafafia


  1. Lovely Easter for you too! And I hope you'll get better soon!

  2. Of course, I follow you :) I love your style. I hope that you follow me..kisses^^

  3. Found your blog today, just in time to send you a "get well soon";) Like your collages!

    Wanna follow each other? I start right now;)

    Kisses from Berlin


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