Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Florida says hi!

Hello everyone!
Long time no 'see'! I'm back in Germany and enjoying university life again! The week in Florida was marvellous and the wedding ceremony and receptions were so extremely beautiful!!!
Here are a few outfits which I wore during the week there. I didn't get the chance to take pictures everyday or very detailed ones but I hope that you'll still enjoy these ones! 
xx Fiafafia

P.S.: If any of you ever get the chance to fly to Florida, do it!!! It's like paradise on earth...

Outfit from the flight:
Cardigan: ?/ Dress: Forever21/ Shoes: Tamaris
 First day in paradise:
Blouse: Promod/ Shorts: Vintage/ Shoes: Tamaris/ Bracelets: H&M
 Day at an outlet:
Jumpsuit: H&M/ Bracelet: H&M/ Shoes: Tamaris
 Day by the pool and Gulf of Mexico:
Swimsuit: ? / Shorts: H&M/ Sunglasses: Some shop in Hamburg/ Bracelt: H&M
 Family dinner with sunset:
Shirt: Vintage/ Shorts: J.Crew
 Wedding outfit:
Dress: Lipsy London/ Shoes: Forever21


  1. Cool choices!! Welcome back to Deutschland


  2. Really love your second outfit! The blouse is sooo so beautiful! Uh...and those shorts from the "day by the pool" cute!

    Kisses, B


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