Monday, 2 April 2012

Same same but different...

Same same but different. I guess we all know about this because usually everyone of us wears an outfit more than once.  But the trick to make it a little more fun is to wear different accessories every time. By doing this a lot of people thought I had a huge closet but in fact I don't. New clothes are fun but plying around with what you have is far more interesting because it makes your styling skills grow!
I hope you enjoy these ideas!

Number 1:
Same same but different 2
Number 2:

Same same but different
Number 3:
Black and White with a twist!
xx Fiafafia


  1. It's hard to choose, because they're all beautiful looks, but I'd take number 2. It's super girly and cute :)

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

  2. People also think I have a lot of clothes but that's really not the case.. It's all in how you style it and play around that makes the looks different.. I love all the looks that you posted! I can totally see myself wearing them :)

    Kisses! xxx

  3. These are all beautiful outfits, I love them all. I do this all the time to create lust worthy outfits that I'd like to get my hands on. Also it's a great way to work out different ways to style something before buying it!

    Fashion Dawgs

  4. Love it! That skirt is amazing..

    - Victoria

  5. I love every outfit,I can picture them altogether worn,and theyd be so cute and adorable! Sorry to hear your not too well in your newest post.
    Glad I stumbled across your blog,love it,following.
    Get well soon and I hope your having a lovely weekend x


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