Monday, 2 April 2012

The animal dress code

Hello everybody!
A new week has just started and I hope everyone has had a good Monday so far.
My sister, her bf and I went to the Zoo in Hamburg today. It is extremely cold here and while looking at the animals a cold started to pay a visit! Great and thanks a lot!! Right in time for Florida...
But this post is not about complaining about a cold - it's the animal's dress code. 
The wide variety of animals at Hagenbeck Zoo is amazing and so is the look of each of them.
Animals just like us 'dress' differently. Some have fur, some have feathers, some only wear a thick skin and some wear a carapace.
Just like us they all look different and have a certain look for who they are and what they represent.
Here are some of my favourite shots of the day.
I hope you enjoy these pictures and rather different 'fashion' post!



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