Thursday, 1 March 2012

Outfit 1.3.12

Hello there.
So here we go, this is the third outfit post. Please let me know if I should continue posting outfits or not and let me know what you think of them. 

This outfit consists of a jacket that I bought in a little shop on Union Street in San Francisco. My boyfriend had to convince me to try it on and to buy it because I was really unsure about getting it but now I'm happy as can be.
The blouse was found in my mum's closet. No brand no designer. I love it and it's great for spring and summer.
The pants are from Zara and the belt from H&M so are the shoes.
The bag was given to me by my "third"-grandmother because I had told her once that I loved old and vintage bags. This one is about 50 years old and can still cary a lot of stuff..
The jewelry is literally from everywhere around the world.
Bracelets form: New Zealand, Amsterdam and America
Rings from: Amsterdam and New Orleans

Hope you like it
xx Fiafafia

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  1. oh dear!! you have a t-shirt like ours (Lithuanian) famous designer's!! you can find it even in my post! supporting you by following! kisses from fill the city!


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