Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Beauty is....

Beauty is what you see.
Beauty is created by everyone and everything.
Beauty can be seen in things that are warm and cold. Dark and light. Young and old. Day and night.
If these women out of marble were alive I guess they would be breathtaking. 
They have a hypnotising effect on me because they look so melancholic, as if they were hiding a secret form everyone.

To me they are so elegant and somehow very human. Even if the marble makes them appear to be perfect they still have little imperfections just like a human being. Everyone of us has their mistakes and imperfections, which makes us an individual.
True beauty in a person is not necessarily a gorgeous face it's more likely their character, their laughter, their hands, their thoughts and maybe the secrets that they don't tell.
What makes a person beautiful to me is, if I have to look at them twice to find something interesting either in their face or in their looks in general.
Beauty to me is the self confidence of a person, the little details in things you don't notice at first sight and the things that catch your eye without an explanation.

 What do you think is beauty and what is beautiful to you?

xx Fifafafia

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