Thursday, 1 March 2012


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When I first found the blog "The Man Repeller"here I love the whole idea about the styles that Leandra puts together. While reading through her blog I came across the jewelry site take a look right here .
I basically fell in love with each and every piece of jewelry they sell there I could not decide which pieces to pick if I had to because everything is just breathtaking.
 The necklaces are gorgeous and worth every penny (quite expensive though). Every bracelet, set of earrings and necklace is very unique and makes me think of foreign countries and fairy tale stories.

I guess it would take a lot for me not to "depend" on jewelry in my outfits because they are the essentially that make the outfits become more likely to be (as you might want to call it) mine and unique.
There are so many ways to combine colours, forms and kinds of jewelry together.
Every girl or guy who is interested in fashion or not even necessarily that makes their outfit unique and special by putting on accessories.
 What are your essentials when it comes to accessorising?

xx Fiafafia

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