Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tackeling the rain

Good morning everyone!
Last night ended in a huge thunder storm. It was raining very heavily and the thunder was incredible and a little scary. Luckily I was sitting in my warm bed and thinking about what to wear when it's raining in spring and you don't want your feet to get wet when jumping over a puddle.
I find it quite difficult to find the right shoes for this kind of weather.
Do I dare to wear wellies? What about ankle boots?
Raincoat or umbrella?
Here are three different ideas concerning these questions:

Number 1:
Tackeling the rain III

Number 2:
Tackeling the rain II
Number 3:

Tackeling the rain I
Which set would you wear and how do you keep up with the rain in spring without showing off some colour?
Let me know and have a good Thursday!
xx Fiafafia

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  1. The 2nd set is the bomb! I love Hunter boots, army colored anything, and gold cuffs at the moment so this one is perfect for me. Great sets!



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