Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Good morning!
Here is the second part of the last weekend. My bf and I went to Zürich on Saturday and it was a really nice day to spend in this beautiful city. I knew that there are lots of rich people in Switzerland and especially in Zürich but the amount of designer handbags that crossed our way was intense. Louis Vuitton was average but besides that Celine, Hermès, Balenciaga, Chanel and co. were frequently accompanying young and older women. I saw so many people whose outfits just screamed: MONEY!  but it was fun to look at them. After  a while I started to play a game with myself: Name the worn brands/ designers. I had a good time:)
What made me really sad was to see young girls and women with these extremely expensive designer bags, shoes and clothes. I can't imagine a 15 year-old girl being able to afford a Birkin and what are you to expect from life when you already own things that normal people would have to work for, for years?!
Of course I dream of these things as well and I would do anything for a Celine bag but I don't see the necessity to decorate young girls with money.
Other than that Zürich was lovely! It is sooo beautiful and especially in the warm spring sun!
If you can, visit this city! 




What I was wearing: Vintage blazer from Amsterdam/ Sparkle&Fade blouse/ Valentino vintage skrit/ BDG shoes/ Longchamp bag/ Sunglasses from a little shop/ on my nails Butter London "Cheeky Chops"
xx Fiafafia


  1. Great pics! Love it!

    Nino & Christophe

  2. i love the skirt!! :)



  3. I love the shoes!!


  4. Love love love the photos. + your blog is one hell of a blog :)
    Follow each other via Bloglovin? :))


  5. I love Zurich! and I completely agree with you about designer bags being so unnecessary. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me, I'm following you now too :)
    secret stare

  6. Oh, so lucky! I want to go to Switzerland so bad! I've only been to Zurich airport :( and well, a short train ride from Zurich to Konstanz, so I have never actually set foot in Switzerland, haha :D . I have heard wonderful things about Geneva, though :) .

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady


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