Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Black and White

Hello everyone!

I am a huge fan of black and white pictures and I honestly don't have any idea why.
 For me a b&w pictures holds a lot of secrets and questions. I.e. what are the colours of the clothes? Where was that picture taken? How was the person feeling? 
There are so many ways to play with pictures. Putting someone or something in front of a camera can creat a whole new perspective onto something.
Those pictures down there are basically images of me playing a role. Acting is something that we all do even if we think we can't act we still do. I guess the way we present ourselves to others is always a way of acting.
Stepping into a role can give security because in that role it's hared to be hurt. Fashion helps with that. Wearing special items or carrying a designer bag can give you an image but it can't change you as a person. Photos to me can be the key to understanding a person or to find a secret about them..
My bf took these pictures of me and I wasn't sure about posting them or not but I liked them and so why should I not share them with you?
What kind of photographs fascinate you? What catches your eye?


I hope you enjoyed these pictures..
xx Fiafafia


  1. adorei as fotografias, lindissimas :)

  2. so beautiful pictures :)
    i also love b&w pictures. I don't know really why but I think it has a
    vintagy effect and something mysterious, which I love :D
    in btw i have to say that your blog is great and i started to follow you, dear!
    maybe you'll have a look on my blog too :))


  3. Interesting pictures! I have a thing for b&w photos.. I think they are much more interesting than the regular, coloured ones!

    Kisses, B


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