Thursday, 8 March 2012

Outfit 8.3.2012


Gilet by Zara/ Blouse by H&M/ Pants by Zara/ Shoes by H&M
Bracelets from everywhere/ Ring from the left hand was a gift from my boyfriend for our anniversary and the ring from the right hand is from a little shop in San Francisco and the earrings are from a shop in Budapest.

Little disclaimer:
I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures! I'm taking them "myself" so I can't really work on the focus and the light. The background is always the same because it's the only spot in my apartment where I can take pictures without any distractions in the back.
As I'm going to visit my boyfriend soon there will be a few pictures with hopefully a nicer and more interesting background than my window.
I still hope you enjoy these outfit posts!!
xx Fiafafia


  1. This is such a gorgeous look! I love that gilet - and your accessories are amazing! What a perfect mix of color! :)

    sorelle in style


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