Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Outfit 14.3.12

Look at that mean face! Haha! :)

Hello everybody!
Sorry for no real post yesterday but my internet wasn't working-so no post!
But here we go!
I felt a little more layed back today because I have to work on an essay and so there was no sense behind going chic today!
What I'm wearing: Gilet from Tom Taylor/ Jumper from H&M/ Jeans from Levi's/ Shoes from a little store in Palma de Mallorca/ Bracelets from H&M/ Ring and Handbag from two different shops in Budapest .
While taking these pictures this song was playing. I think it's a fun song and it makes me think of the USA 40's dresses and milkshakes.
 xx Fiafafia


  1. Great colour combination. Your bag is really great, and the colour of your shoes also.
    xx J.

  2. I have the same sweater but in pink! really pretty!



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