Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day by the pool

Hello everyone!
The next big holiday is getting closer and closer. As it is going to be a vacation close to the ocean and the hotel will have a pool I'm already thinking of what to wear.


I'm not one of those girls with the perfect bikini body and I was not training my behind off to get it! So my solution for that "problem" is a bathing suite and a shirt to cover up with.
If you are someone who is not getting a tan the second you sit in the sun this is a perfect outfit and to make it look a little nicer wear a cute necklace with it and add some colour by taking a yellow (in this case) bag and painting your nails red.

Day by the PoolNumber 2:

This version is for girls that feel way more confident with their body and rather enjoy the beach with sand and waves. Take a colourful bikini and add interesting and more "natural" accessoires like the necklace. To spice this one up a little more put on a great blue nailpolish and you're ready to go!
Day by the pool 2
Number 3:

This cut-out swimsuite is for those of you who feel really comfortable and are willing to look elegant and sexy. Chilling out by the pool while enjoying a cocktail and reading a magazine, well this one would be for you. Although when it comes to bikinis and swim suites I find it really improtant to look at your skin colour and the shape and pattern of the item you want to buy. Being honest and selective is important! So if you are pale as me - no extremly bright colours and crazy cut outs.
Day by the pool 3
Ok, this are the three versions of what to wear to the beach/ pool. All three looks would represent three different types of girls and their bodies.
I'm not a professional but this are the categories in which I try to think when it comes to deciding on which look to wear.

Maybe you will find this helpful and if you have any other ideas, please let me know.
Some of the items here are really expenisve but I didn't look at the price it was only the styles. There will be cut outs for less then 100€ and lovely beach bags and shoes that will also match. This is just about the style and not about the designers and labels!!! :)

Hope you like this!
xx Fiafafia


  1. great ideas :)) i like the second swimsuit.. i love to wear colorful bikinis and hats on the beach ! i like your moodboards!

  2. really really good ideas! I especially love choice number 3.


  3. Great stuff :)

    I follow you on gfc and i hope you follow me to :)

  4. I love the choice number 1 and especially the necklace. Absolutely fantastic ♥

  5. Where is the first swimsuit from?? I've been looking for something along those lines for a while.

    C xx


      I hope this link is working! I just took this one because I like the style. But I can really recall what brand this is.. xx


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