Thursday, 1 March 2012

Festival season

Festival season is coming up and I've seen the campaign for Planet Blue with Gillian Zinser and it brought up so many fun memories of festivals I went to. So why not put an outfit together that would be perfect for any sort of festival in a warm area with good music and nice people.. When I went to California last summer I only saw San Francisco and L.A. and the last city made a really really bad impression on me. We (my boyfriend and I) didn't have a car, we were not 21 and we didn't have enough money to spend on a nicer hostel that was not at the very end of Hollywood Blvd... So please anyone who knows L.A. and can proof me wrong about the first (absolutly not good) impression on this city, please tell me about the fun things you can do there. I would love to know!! Have you guys been to festivals before and if yes which ones? xx Fiafafia
Coachella anyone?


  1. What a lovely style inspiration board/outfit. I can not wait for the warmer weather to hit - love outfits like this!! xo V


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