Saturday, 28 January 2012

Little Idea

These things are some of my favourite accessories that I own. 
The bag is vintage and was given to me by my so called "Third grandmother".
It is over 55years old and I love it.
The necklace is from H&M and was recently bought. (Statement necklaces are big must have for me)
The two rings both have a funny story the turquoise one is from New Zealand and I found the other one on a medieval market and it smelled like a whole hippie store but I couldn't resist to buy it.
Mixing scarfs. I can't remember when I started that but combining fabrics and patterns and so on gives outfits a little twist to them. 
I'd wear this with:
1. dark blue skinny jeans
2. a tuxedo blazer (creme, blue, pink or orange)
3. ballet flats or nice heels in a matching brown 
4. a creme chiffon blouse

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