Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hello summer!

Hello everyone!
Summer is here; with warm 27°C and a lot of sun. Riding the bike around town, enjoying little Open Airs somewhere in the fields and feeling the warmth on the back always kicks off happy feelings! 
As I'm the kind of person that almost only owns autumn and winter clothes, I begin to hesitate about what to wear. Getting dressed normally takes me 5 minutes but now it starts to take me hours to figure out what to wear.
So here are four ideas of what to wear when the sun tickles your skin!
From very casual to a little more chic!
I hope you enjoy these!
xx Fiafafia

Number 1:
Hippie Love
Number 2:

Sky and Sand
Number 3:
Print with mint

Number 4:
60's Summer


  1. I just love everything about these picks!

    Be sure to drop by Our Beauty Philosophy

  2. Lucky girl... 10ºC and rainy these days over here, so no spring clothes whatsoever :( . Then I went to Germany last July and it was cold and rainy for two weeks :D . Am I just unlucky or what? :P

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady


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