Monday, 12 March 2012

Summer bags - Take one!

Hello there!
So this outfit right here is an example of how I would combine one of the bags.
Lace, floral top and a (jeans) shirt. A jeans shirt? Yes a jeans shirt! To take the girly-ness off this outfit I would wear a shirt like this and leave it unbuttoned. It'll look a little more edgy and you won't get cold if the sun hides behind a cloud.
To involve a spritz more colour add a fancy nail polish and you're ready to go!
 Wearable? Yes or no? Tell me what you think!
xx Fiafafia
Summer Lovin'


  1. Das sieht richtig toll aus! Würde ich sofort tragen :)

  2. hey sweetheart.
    thank you for following me. :) - i followed back.

    i love your blog !

  3. The sunglasses are my favourite :)
    secret stare

  4. i love the green bag!
    xxx, v.


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