Sunday, 4 March 2012

A look back

Here I stand. 
Three months after I started this blog.
With 79 readers and nearly 2000 hits in total (I don't know if that's a lot or not).
It feels amazing to read comments from people who find my blog inspiring.
It's such a great experience to see that people appreciate something that makes me so happy.
These past three months have been such a big push into a direction that I wasn't really looking at.
The love for fashion has always been there and the thought of getting any kind of job in that world was giving me goosebumps.
Three months after I started this blog and after trying out various kinds of posts I'll try to find my very own corner in the world wide net of fashion blogs.
I don't want anyone to think : ' Oh god, really? Another blog about fashion?! We don't need that!!!'
So here is the challenge: I'll try to put more looks together that match in their idea.
Why not pulling outfits that are only in one colour or in various patterns or shapes?
If you have any ideas and would like to challenge me with any outfits please let me know.
The dream career of a stylist has to start somewhere right? :)

Thanks to everyone for the support, the lovely comments and the interest!
It means the world to me!

xx Fiafafia


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