Sunday, 11 March 2012

Asos Jewlery Wishlist

 Hello everyone!
These items are on my current wishlist from Asos. I don't have that many bracelets and especially none in this gold. My mum always told me that I was the one who should me wearing silver and my sister the one who should be wearing gold because of our skin tones. But for me I don't really think that this matters.
 What about combinig silver and gold or only wearing a special gold colour?
These pieces remind me a lot of spring and summer because they look so light and shiny but well.. 
Dreams dreams dreams.
Find these items:here here here here here
Asos Jewlery Wishlist


  1. hey fiafafia :) (what a cool name)
    i only wear gold or silver jewellery, i never match them..
    and i love the watch above, really pretty stuff :))
    enjoy your day, svenja


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