Saturday, 18 February 2012

Who am I?

Who am I and do I care about what others think?

Do people see me differently because of the way I dress?
Is it important to try to fit in because of social needs, do's and dont's?
Is it important to fulfil my needs and dreams by dressing the way I want to without listening to what other people say?

Am I taken serious or do people stop being interested because they feel that someone who cares a lot about fashion, outfits and looks is shallow?
For me fashion has a really deep philosophical and psychological side to it and I never stop thinking about the effect of how we dress can influence us.
Fashion helps us to categorise and to draw borders between certain groups of people but sometimes I feel that people don't take the time to look deeper than the surface.
I always try to do so because it's unfair to judge someone by their outer appearance. Fashion can be a mirror of how we feel and who we are but it can also make our mistakes from the inside appear smaller ( would you question someone's character if he or she was looking amazing?).
No one would think of someone with designer clothes as an unhappy person, right? I mean how can you be unhappy when dressed in Prada, Acne, Dior or Proenza Schouler?
But does expensive clothing make you happy? I don't know the answer to it because as a student I'm absolutely not able to afford anything else than stuff from Zara, H&M and if I'm lucky from Mango and Urban Outfitters.

My hypothetical answer would be yes as long as you appreciate it and don't get used to it a feel lucky to be able to wear those kinds of things.
Owning pieces from new collections doesn't make people become a style icon to me it is about the character you put in your clothes, the colours, the shapes, the fabric and the understanding of connections. 

Maybe this is only a post you read without further thinking about it but maybe you might think about it and tell me how you feel about this and how people respond to you.
xx Fiafafia


  1. I don't think that someone who cares about fashion is shallow BUT I definitely understand where you are coming from!!! It's just important to show them a little bit more about you as well! Thanks for commenting on my blog!


    1. That's m point! I don't think that people who care about fashion are shallow but that some people who don't have a big connenction might not understand someone's passion for it..

  2. even the really wealthy say, it's all about mixing it up. Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you automatically become a fashion icon.... style is something that you have to cultivate. I appreciate the people who take time to focus on the outward appearances. No matter the labels....Even the better dressed of our world leaders are taken more seriously with improval of dresscode...


  3. Fashion is my creative medium. Not everyone can paint beautiful pictures, create music or write poems or novels to express themselves. Fashion is another medium for people to do that.

    Whether you're wearing Prada or H&M or something thrifted, it doesn't really matter. I appreciate the creativity that someone put into what they choose to wear. Especially since you take that (your appearance) everywhere you go and to everyone you meet.


  4. Thank for the support! I love your blog! Keep it up!!!

  5. Well said.... ☆

    Loved this post.

    - Brad ♥


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