Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hell Yeah or Hell No?

Zara! Oh dear Zara my love!
Who ever designed this shoe and made it 39,95€! Thank you very much!!
I wouldn't think twice about buying them what do you think?
Colours to wear with it: Mint, Black, Orange, Nude, Brown...anything else?
For me a huge hell yeah!!
xx Fiafafia


  1. Amazing - I saw these up-close on SnowBlack's Blog --> and they look fab!

    I'm sure they would look great on you, so BUY THEM! :-)

    And, thanks for your sweet comments on my Blog: ♥

    - Brad

  2. Beautiful...definitely a hell yeah!

  3. oh hell yea, you just HAVE to buy them ;>

    ENJOY xoxo

  4. awesome shoes.
    deserves a big HELL YEAH (=

    greetings from germany!


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