Thursday, 2 February 2012


Just today I bought an issue of ELLE and Instyle.
While looking through the magazines I started thinking about how you don't get beauty or fashion as a single subject you only get these two things in a combination but why?
My mother never used make up and I grew up thinking that make up was bad for your skin and that women looked better without any make up on so I never had this time in my life with light blue eyeshadow and pink nails.
Only after 6 months as an exchange student and a change of schools I started to get a connection to fashion and dressing up and finding my own personal style but still without make up.
With make up I mean foundation concealer powder rouge bronzer eye primer eyeshadow... you name it!
So now being a student at a big university and enjoying the anonymity in a big city I finally started rethinking about this made up  make up fact in my mind.
Resolution: Make up isn't that bad at all!

If it's done well it's a push for ones self confidence.

When I was reading through the articles in the magazines there was a picture of a perfect looking model lying on a table with doctors standing around her with injections in hands.
That is something I don't understand, a fashion magazine showing women the best thing that prevents from looking older is botox?
So what is fashion for then, if not to show you ways on how to dress with the age of 50+.
With a botox injection but without clothes you would still be naked, right?
I think older women with wrinkles that smile and feel well,
always have a story to tell.

xx Fiafafia

P.S.: I'm exited for my first wrinkles, yes I am! :)


  1. Ja, "au bon pain" ist super! :D Wieso hat dir der Laden das Leben gerettet?

  2. Weil das Frühstück in den Hostels fürchterlich war :)


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