Sunday, 5 February 2012

About life and stereotypes...

As most other students from Germany I'm still learning for the very last exam of this semester.
So sorry for not posting that much :)
Being a "First Semester" student has been the greatest experience I've made so far. Moving out of the old surroundings and into a new, own apartment and a new city, finding new friends and getting to know myself a little more was incredible. There was so much to learn, not necessarily from the books in the library but from life itself.
Learning how to handle homesickness, missing and losing the one you love and making decisions that you might or might not regret. That is something that you can be warned of but you can not learn how to handle these situations.
Cutting my hair, buying high heels and wearing red lipstick at times are things that I did because no one could tell me not to but the question is, if all these changes are changes that follow to what happens inside or that they are the cry for something else to happen. To lose the image of the person that you were before or to become a new version of yourself is that what we try to achive when things change in life?

This is were fashion joins the thought.
How do people look at each other and is the way we dress an effect on whom we become friends with? Would a guy who doesn't care about his clothes become friends with a girl who carries a Speedy 30 and an Iphone? I guess not until they talked and found out about all the things they might have in common. But why do we first look at people's clothes to get an idea of "who they are" without even having talked to them? 
Would that change if we were all wearing white shirts and jeans or would we still look at people that critically?
Would we be helpless without these fashionable clues or would it help us to find amazing friends with different priorities? Stereotyping people by what they wear is a huge problem. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about the outfit of a person and forming a character inside my head. It is easy to say that everybody does that but does everybody fight against these stupid ideas and ideals? I really try to because misjudging someone can be a huge mistake!

Lesson learned for this semester: Be opend minded and open to something unknown it might make you happier then you think!

xx Fiafafia

By the way this is me. With short hair :)


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