Thursday, 26 January 2012

Clothes make people - but what about shoes?

" Your boots really ruin your outfits sometimes!" Was something a friend said to me a few days ago. And he was right they really did.
The boots were brown, flat, boring and really worn out but I absolutly loved them after wearing them for over three years.
A few days later I went to H&M and bought shoes I wouldn't have really dared to wear on a daily basis half a year ago.
Happily walking out of the store with black, high heeled booties and already thinking about outfits I'd wear them with a thought came to my head which concerned about how people would react to that. 
Never having been the tall, elegant and sexy girl I wondered if when wearing heels from 10cm onwards would change peoples minds. For some reason I guess everybody finds evidence for the German sentence: " Kleider machen Leute." (Fashion makes people(?) ) everyday when daring to wear something unusual or stylish and what ever kind of way.
And it's true people look at you differently. High heels change your way of walking, the steps get smaller and more accurate. I think there are two kinds of women on high heels.
First: The ones that wear them in a way that could be described like : BOOM! In ya face!
Second: The ones that seem to float and who seem to have no problem moving around with high shoes and being able to do anything in them without trying too hard or to get everybody's attention.

How do men react on Louboutins, Giuseppe Zanottis or Manolo Blahniks?
Do they want women with Ballet Flats, Sneakers, Flip Flops or High Heels?
I don't know the answer because in any kind of way 14cm give everybody a huge push in self confidence and you can get a boyfriend without even wearing shoes. 
So for me shoes are fun and high heels makes my days.
xox Fiafafia

My absolute dream shoe: Yves Saint Laurent Tribute High Heel Sandal in Tan Leather


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